Mercy Taylor | 19 | Majoring in: Undecided


Brown eyed and fresh faced, Mercy Taylor could easily be regarded as a classic beauty with an exotic twist, one of a kind features to die for. Mercy, however, will never see it. Throughout her childhood, Mrs. Taylor made it a point to pick at her appearance; heavy digs and complaints about how her eyes were too big for her face and how her lips were too pouty and the kicker — she’d never be as beautiful as her older sisters. Such comments made a young Mercy feel small; even her name alone indicated her importance to the family. In truth, she was an accident. An unplanned pregnancy, and an unwanted one at that. Her name was also an accident — an exasperated sigh of “Have MERCY,” came out just in time for the doctors to record it as her name. Even after double checking, her mother simply waved them off. The runt of the family, Mercy lived out a Cinderella-esque lifestyle, friendless save for her little white Maltese, Princess. When she wasn’t busying herself around the house, one could always find her curled up on her window seat, a novel in her hand. Words of fiction were the only ways she could escape her family’s neglect, the only way she could imagine herself as the beautiful heroin or avid adventurer. The personalities of her favorite characters could be easily detected in her own. Peter Pan was her favorite over all. His desire to be young and stay young; his ability to travel to a far off land and not worry about anything but an easily defeated pirate; Mercy wanted that. She wanted her own Neverland and every night, she’d sit on the cushion of her window sill and look up at the sky. “The second start to the right and straight on ‘til morning,” she’d whisper to herself before climbing back into bed. Mercy’s high school years were easy. School was a breeze, her grades were stellar and she was top of the senior class when she graduated. For the first time, she’d made her parents proud. Everyone expected big things for her — full ride scholarships to Ivy League schools, special placing at Chance University. These were things meant for adults, big people decisions. In truth, Mercy had no intentions of going to college and joining the workforce, but she knew she had to do something.


I’m not sure what happened. I’m a year older than Easton so, I only saw him around in school before I graduated but, from what I knew he was a pretty popular kid. It’s tragic what happened to him … I can’t believe someone around here would have the audacity to kill someone like Easton. He really didn’t deserve it and now the whole town is freaking out. He was so young … it’s heartbreaking, really.


Honestly, I don’t know what I want to do with my life. I can do what my siblings did and go for the gold or but I mean, who’s to say that I won’t get tired of that? I need something that’ll hold my attention, as well as earn me decent living. I just don’t know what that is yet. It’s my second year at Chance and I still don’t know. Maybe I’m not meant for a real trade. Maybe I can do something completely out of the ordinary.

Face claim: Demi Lovato
Status: Open 

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